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At the Drive-In: The Documentary “Going Attractions” is Here for One Night Only

going attractions

The drive-in movie theater is not dead, thankfully, but it is certainly, well, wounded. Yet the theaters maintain a certain charm, and those that still exist often serve a devoted clientele. There is nothing quite like the drive-in experience, and as long as there are cars, there should be drive-ins.

Western New York is home to Lockport’s Transit Drive-In, and I’m somewhat ashamed to note that I’ve never been there. It is one of those summertime ideas my wife and I have toyed with for years, and it likely will happen as my son ages. (My own drive-in experience is limited to two now-departed theaters, one on Ridge Road in West Seneca, the other on Harlem Road in Cheektowaga.)

The Transit Drive-In always has a stellar list of new releases — the current line-up includes “Monsters University,” “Man of Steel,” “World War Z,” “This Is The End,” “Now You See Me,” and “The Internship” — but tonight a particularly special film will be screened.

Billed as “the definitive story of the drive-in movie theater,” “Going Attractions” is a documentary about the history and current status of the drive-in, and that’s fertile ground for a doc. The film is showing at 9:15 p.m., and its director, April Wright, will be on hand to answer questions and sign posters and DVDs. “Now You See Me,” the summer’s most surprising hit, shows afterwards, at 11 p.m.

While a drive-in movie at 9:15 on a Monday is past my bedtime, I’m anxious to hear what others think of the film, and look forward to catching it at some point. I’m just as anxious to do my part in keeping the Transit Drive-In alive.