Capsule review: 1BR is a nasty good time

This year has seen some strong horror flicks — Relic and The Beach House come to mind. While 1BR is not as impactful as those aforementioned, more artful chillers, it is still a nasty, clever good time with a touch of Shyamalan. (In a good way!) This story of a young woman who discovers her apartment complex is, well, not what it seems, is involving, well-acted by newcomer Nicole Brydon Bloom, and genuinely frightening. It’s also a bit too brutal and upsetting to want to watch more than once. The film’s final shot, with echoes of Karyn Kusama’s The Invitation, adds a nice Twilight Zone touch. It will be fascinating to watch what’s next for Brydon Bloom and writer/director David Marmor.

Watch the trailer here.

Grade: B-