Breillat’s “Beauty” in Buffalo

sleeping b

There is no filmmaker quite like Catherine Breillat — see my review of her TIFF entry Abuse of Weakness for just a few reasons. But outside of festivals and Netflix, her films can be hard to find on a big screen in a city like Buffalo.

Good news: I’m not sure what the story is, exactly, but the Amherst Dipson will screen Breillat’s version of “Sleeping Beauty” at 11 a.m. on December 22.

Here is Manohla Dargis on the film:

“The Sleeping Beauty is driven by concepts rather than sumptuous illusionism. Its costumes, settings and artful boils are more convincing than those in Bluebeard, which had a cheap look that didn’t seem intentional and was even distracting. The Sleeping Beauty is more thoughtfully imagined and art-directed, though it’s too bad it wasn’t shot in film. Its digital images can look thin and don’t have the density and near-tactile quality that Ms. Breillat seems at times to seek, as her use of richly textured, sensuous material like fur and velvet suggests. Despite that, her ability to distill ideas into a single punctuating image — a woman’s torn stocking is here a ragged remnant of a sexual battle — remains powerfully in effect.”