Stream these: Frances, Bond, and Julian Assange


Several biggies have dropped to Netflix in rapid succession, including one of my favorite films of 2013:

  • Frances Ha: Some may find Noah Baumbach’s character study twee and obnoxious. That is the opposite of my opinion. I loved this joyous black-and-white concoction, and especially adored Greta Gerwig’s performance in the lead. Frances is now streaming, and also one of the latest additions to the Criterion Collection.
  • Skyfall: This Sam Mendes-directed James Bond smash was one of my favorites of 2012, although I think Casino Royale still has this one beat — barely. It’s a great film with a great villain, and one of the most satisfying Bonds to date.
  • Computer Chess: Andrew Bujalski’s 1980s-set film look utterly idiosyncratic and wildly offbeat. I missed this one at Squeaky Wheel, but I’ll make sure to catch it now.
  • Europa Report: This sci-fi film drew some modest praise, and arrived quickly to Netflix. The anti-Gravity?
  • Flight: I had little interest in Robert Zemeckis’s film last year, but found it a pleasant surprise on DVD. It is an unflinching look at addiction, and certainly features some of Denzel Washington’s best acting to date.
  • We Steal Secrets: The WikiLeaks Story: While I missed The Fifth Estate, I look forward to watching it and Alex Gibney’s Julian Assange documentary. Both drew their share of criticism, but reviews for Gibney’s doc were certainly more complimentary.
  • The Sapphires: I recall some Oscar talk about this film, talk that went nowhere. But Chris O’Dowd was such a joy on The IT Crowd and in Bridesmaids and Friends With Kids that I have this on my must-watch list. (He’s also drawing raves for HBO’s Family Tree.)
  • Twixt: My colleague Jared Mobarak and I saw Francis Ford Coppola’s latest at the Toronto International Film Festival … two years ago. It took some time for the horror flick to show up stateside, and when it did, it sank without a trace. I found it laughable and rather amateurish at TIFF, but I’ve often wondered if I came down too hard on it. I’ll say this: It’s unique. That’s putting it mildly.
  • Sharknado: That joke isn’t funny anymore. But that does not mean you should skip it.