The art of trying to get Oscar’s attention


I have posted a number of Oscar-related tidbits lately, which perhaps makes it seem as if I am an awards obsessive. I don’t think that’s the case, but I do love the season. It is full of hype, hyperbole, foolishness, and catastrophe, and it generally ends with the wrong films being honored.

Many greats get lost in the shuffle, and here is a fun site that documents a bunch: “This Had Oscar Buzz.”

You can also spot many coulda-been-a-contenders in these “for your consideration” galleries from Awards Daily. The artwork for many of these ads is striking, and often superior to what was actually used in advertisements for the films.

Of course, sometimes the Academy gets it right — see the above ad, for the Trent Reznor-Atticus Finch score for Fincher’s “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.”