Playing “Chess” at Squeaky Wheel


I’ve been intrigued by Andrew Bujalski’s “Computer Chess” for months. The “mumblecore” maestro’s latest won raves (and an award) at Sundance, and he has long been a fascinating filmmaker. The Sundance website offers a nice breakdown of the film and an interview with Bujalski. Here is a description of the film:

“‘Computer Chess’ follows a group of savvy young programmers in their attempt to build a computer chess program with the ability to defeat a human player. Shot on cameras true to the era the characters in the film inhabit an environment almost indistinguishable from the year it aims to imitate — 1980. And for good measure, the director’s trademark knack for achieving an uncanny vérité style — so well-documented in his debut feature ‘Funny Ha Ha’ — ultimately exposes his tech pioneer subjects in all of their social incompetence.”

Squeaky Wheel is screening “Computer Chess” this Tuesday, September 24, at 7 p.m. It is another fine booking for the media arts center, who recently screened “Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me” and will show the acclaimed “Leviathan” in October. I love that Squeaky is bringing these idiosyncratic movies to town ahead of their home release.

For more Squeaky info, click here, and for some fun on the “Computer Chess” website, click here.

Photo Courtesy Computer Chess LLC