Weekend Preview: Wong Kar-Wai’s long-awaited “Grandmaster” arrives



With TIFF so close, and so much to do before then, my updates here will be a little shorter than normal. But things will be back to normal once my time at TIFF is complete. Here is a quick look at what’s opening this weekend.

“The Grandmaster”: I will certainly have more to say about Wong Kar-wai’s latest film after TIFF; it is his first release since “Ashes of Time Redux” and his first new feature since “My Blueberry Nights.” Reviews have been mostly positive, and the trailers are stunning … But I’m a bit worried about all the cuts.

“Getaway”: If this “Taken”-meets-“The Transporter” Ethan Hawke vehicle (see what I did there?) is a hit, I think the actor is officially summer’s MVP.

“Closed Circuit”: Solid cast (Eric Bana, Rebecca Hall, Jim Broadbent), ho-hum story.

“One Direction: This is Us”: Well, the kids’ll love it.

Buffalo Film Seminars: On Tuesday (September 3) Frank Capra’s “It Happened One Night” (1934) screens, and guess what? This one is as good as its reputation.

The Screening Room: More big-screen Marilyn at The Screening Room — it continues to celebrate Monroe and the 60th anniversary of “Niagara” with 7:30 screenings today, Saturday, and Sunday.

VOD: Brian De Palma’s bad TIFF12 entry “Passion” is making its theatrical and VOD debut.

Etc.: For the latest releases at Dipson’s Amherst and Eastern Hills theaters, visit the official Dipson site.

Photo courtesy of the Weinstein Company