From Dipson Amherst screens ‘Thursday Night Terrors’


I wrote about a cool new horror film series for

Peter Vullo loves horror movies. And that fandom has led the Buffalo native to create a new film series, “Thursday Night Terrors,” that horror junkies should find unmissable. All of the films in the monthly series, which opens with Peter Jackson’s zombie gem “Dead Alive” on Aug. 25, start at 7:30 p.m. in the Dipson Amherst Theatre (3500 Main St.). Admission is $7 (box office,

Here’s the full schedule:

  • Aug. 25: “Dead Alive” (Peter Jackson, 1992);
  • Sept. 29: “Demons” (Lamberto Bava, 1985);
  • Oct. 27: “Fright Night” (Tom Holland, 1985);
  • Nov. 17: “Phantasm II” (Don Coscarelli, 1988);
  • Dec. 15: “The Thing” (John Carpenter, 1982).

“‘Dead Alive’ is the perfect introduction,” Vullo said of the five-film series. “It’s gory, gross, ridiculous and just plain fun to watch. It’s a completely unhinged splatterfest. The lawnmower scene in particular is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.”

That infamous sequence is emblematic of what makes the “Thursday Night Terrors” selections so memorable. Vullo said he chose the five features because they all include the types of unforgettable moments – such as the spider-legged head from “The Thing” – that make the horror film experience so thrilling.

An assistant manager at the Dipson Amherst, Vullo hopes those attending the screenings “will feel like watching your favorite movies with friends. Some of my fondest memories are getting together with my friends and watching some ridiculous movie as a group. It’s a shared experience.”