‘Song of the Sea’ was a deserving Oscar nominee


My post on “Song of the Sea” playing at Buffalo’s North Park Theatre on March 14 and 15 did not run on Buffalo.com, sadly. But the film is now available for rental, and highly recommended. Here is my slightly revised post.

Disney’s “Big Hero 6” was the somewhat surprising winner of this year’s Best Animated Feature Oscar, and “Hero” is not an entirely unworthy choice. But anyone who has seen Studio Ghibli’s “The Tale of Princess Kaguya” or the Irish animated film “Song of the Sea” was likely disappointed that neither of these under-the-radar gems proved victorious.

“Sea” is a wonderful, moving film from director Tomm Moore, who previously helmed the Oscar nominated “Secret of Kelis.” He crafts a lovely modern-day retelling of myth of the “selkie,” one with gorgeous artwork and a truly involving story.

Brendan Gleeson voices the sad-eyed father of young Ben and Saoirse, a family unit of three still dealing with the loss of their wife and mother. Saoirse is no ordinary girl, and as “Sea” develops, we learn her special link to her late mother, and how it can unlock a world of secrets.

I’d call “Song of the Sea” a must-see for families and animation lovers.

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