Analyzing True Detective, the best TV drama in years


HBO’s True Detective finished up last Sunday, and I continue to be mesmerized by the show. Part of the fun, of course, was reading various fan theories about what it all would add up to, but even going through episode recaps was involving, for me. Here are just some of the articles that helped make me enjoy a great show — the best TV drama since The Sopranos — even more:

Of course, there is lots more to be found, including plenty of episode and series recaps. There are also reviews from viewers disappointed by the finale. I was about as far from disappointed as one could get. Did the finale rise to the level of earlier episodes? Perhaps not, but it was close. It was satisfying, yet open-ended enough to allow for even more theorizing.

In short, it was a fine ending for a masterful series. What could be better than that?