Creepy cool: Local indie “Elizabeth Bathory” makes its bloody debut


I grew up making movies with first my great-grandfather’s giant, honkin’, over-the-shoulder camcorder, and then our family’s Hi-8 camera. Some of my favorite childhood memories involve making these movies, and I often wonder what I would be up to if I had been born in, say, 1990, instead of 1980.

So I love to see news of new, locally-produced independent films. I don’t know the whole story of the “Elizabeth Bathory” movie that makes its debut on Saturday, October 19, but I love the idea of this (partially) Kickstarter-funded project showing at the Market Arcade. The film’s Facebook page and website offer a nice breakdown of the story and production, and it’s all creepy cool.

Here is a synopsis:

“It is 1611 and Katarina has been thrown into a dungeon in Hungary without reason. She discovers that another young woman, Anika, has already been trapped there for weeks. The stagnant dungeon air is soon disturbed as looming feelings of sinister forces plague them and distant memories of the horrific legend of Countess Elizabeth Bathory torment them in this psychological horror. Their only hope is trust in each other and trust in God. But is that enough?”

I dig it, and cannot wait to hear how the Sunday screening goes. Congrats to all involved.


Ticket info:

7 pm. on Saturday October 19 at the Market Arcade Film and Arts Centre

($10 for a ticket to the premier; $25 for a ticket to the premier and the after party)