Thank You! And (Re)Pondering “Chunking Express”


So it has been one week since my first real post, and it’s been a great eight days. I’ve enjoyed doing some writing, but it’s also been cool receiving such nice feedback. A sincere thanks to everyone who has visited the site, “liked” FilmSwoon on Facebook, started following me on Twitter, and read some of my FB posts. There will be a lot of fun to come, I think.

Case in point: One of my most eagerly anticipated films of the summer is “The Grandmaster,” directed by¬†Wong Kar-wai. He is probably my favorite filmmaker, and his “Chunking Express” is probably my favorite movie. It is, in fact, something of an impetus for this site. There are few films that have bowled me over the way “Chunking” did (and does). The above still is from the sequence that made me realize just how much I adored the film.

“Chunking” is certainly a film I’ll be revisiting. Just thinking about it now makes me want to go watch it again …

Quentin Tarantino had a line about the film (I feel like it was on the original DVD release from his Rolling Thunder imprint) that just seems perfect, something about it making him so happy to love a film that much. That’s what I feel for “Chunking Express.”

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