I’m a Bit Surprised Kubrick OK’d This One …

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Every week, if not every few days, I plan to include a roundup of some great film/pop culture-related stories I’ve been enjoying, and want to bring to your attention. Our first installment opens with a Buffalo-area screening scheduled for this Thursday (May 16).

Quick hits:

This week’s “Jazz Noir” series film at Hallwalls is Shirley Clarke’s “The Connection, and it looks like a must-see.

A “2001: A Space Odyssey” tie-in children’s menu for Howard Johnson’s? Yep. (Thanks, Ron E., for this.)

The Playlist does a pretty fantastic job of running through “Gatsby”’s most notable faults. I actually think this makes me like the movie less — I’d almost forgotten about the dumb framing device.

Speaking of “Gatsby,” Vulture hits on what might be the film’s most ridiculous moment: Gatsby’s introduction.

Pitchfork has Paul Williams, the subject of a nice documentary I reviewed last year for The Film Stage, discussing his new collaboration with Daft Punk.

Movie City News is pretty much a daily stop for me; today, the site has a link to an epic Los Angeles Review of Books article by Michael Nordine whose title says it all: “Hollywood Bigfoot: Terrence Malick and the Twenty-Year Hiatus That Wasn’t.” It has some fascinating background on Malick, and his “lost years.”

This last piece, on Malick, has the line of the week: “That a nature-obsessed filmmaker who uses his own screenplays as the vaguest of outlines sustains himself financially via oil and script-doctoring is an irony that should not go unmentioned.”

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